Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Getting in Shape

I've had the bike for five days and I've managed to travel 20 miles; eight of it yesterday. The flat landscape in Florida makes it less strenuous but the wind can be a problem. The bike's design keeps me upright and more visible to traffic but it also prevents me from getting into a more streamlined position. My torso makes a great sail. If I'm trying to maintain eight to 10 miles per hour in a 10 mile per hour wind, it takes some serious pedaling. We get a steady wind here and it adds to the challenge so I welcome it. Getting in shape for the Ride will take some time. Traveling an average of 30 miles per day will require some serious conditioning. It would be a little easier without arthritis but it's not an impossible goal.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rich,
It is fantastic to see you have gotten the bike and are riding it. The conditioning is going to be brutal and the rewards are going to be worth it. Stay strong and the Kupper family is praying for you.